So what can this new device do for your patient?

What can the ELFcareTM system provide for your patient?

We’ve seen that a combination of e-stim with heat or cold adds value to the treatment.  Now you could get that from using an e-stim machine and separate hot and cold packs.  But isn’t your time as a practitioner worth more than that?  And in addition – everyone prefers to see things done in the most efficient way possible.  Especially the patients, those on the receiving end.

The ELFcare device is not bombastic.  It’s very sophisticated, but its packaging is minimalist, and its user interface is intuitive and to the point.  However, this modest unassuming device can give your patient:

  • simple electrotherapy stimuli
  • simple hot or cold therapy
  • simultaneous heat and electrotherapy
  • simultaneous cold and electrotherapy
  • programmed bursts of heat, cold and electrotherapy stimuli in treatment patterns
  • pre-set protocols enabling use of the device for simple treatment using individual modalities, or complex treatment using combined modalities.

and for those creative practitioners who want to forge ahead:

  • software (ELFsoft) for the development of new individualized treatment protocols.

E-stim, heat and cold – sometimes more is more

Hi there,

This is the first blog post of this site – introducing the concept that sometimes “more” takes a product in a whole new direction.

Most people will agree that E-Stim is good.  Heat therapy is good.  Cold therapy is good.  But that doesn’t mean that all the modalities are good together.  When we started out some people said “more is less!  Too many cooks spoil the broth!  Too many modalities will produce a useless device!”

Rather than guess – we went to the experts at the Pain Relief Unit, Rambam Medical Center and the Haifa Pain Research Group at the Haifa Technion (Israel’s equivalent to MIT), they looked into it, and two clinical studies later we now know that using E-stim in varying combinations with heat and cold therapy was more effective than each modality individually. 

So with the ELFcare device  – more is…well…just more.